WE+ provides a quality-assured process of cross-border merchant acquisition to facilitate an open flow of business between global marketplaces China-based merchants.



WE+ uses a targetted merchant selection process to match marketplaces with merchants whose product offerings are aligned with each marketplaces selling strategy. We filter through our network of merchants based on a range of factors including product categories, style and price range to find the most appropriate match.


We work closely with our marketplace partners and merchants to facilitate a smooth onboarding process and selling experience for all parties. We have a clear set of KPI’s targeting the growth of the merchant and GMV and offer custom merchant training, development and support programmes to facilitate such growth.


We help merchants develop their product assortment based on marketplaces’ customer demand, seasonal sales and promotional calendars. We work with our marketplace partners to identify how our WE+ merchants can align their product offerings with the sales strategy of the marketplace based on a range of product assortment factors.


We give all of our merchants access to our cross-border growth solutions, to which our marketplace partners become the direct beneficiaries of. Each of these solutions offers innovative approaches to the complexities and challenges associated with selling in a global market to increase competitiveness and drive sales.


Through WE+, ESG has contributed and continues to contribute to the growth of leading global marketplaces such as Lazada, Newegg, Rakuten, Pixmania and more. We helped these marketplaces expand their product offerings and increase sales by facilitating a secure method of cross-border merchant acquisition and a low-cost, high-profit buying strategy.